Christmas in the Caribbean…

A Mega-Yacht barely squeezes through the bridge

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends. We enjoyed a relaxing Christmas Day on the boat in the marina. It poured buckets the entire day. Actually, it was nice. We were cozy inside watching Christmas specials and football on TV while we sipped champagne. In the afternoon, Cajun’s Mom and Dad arrived from New Orleans. They were a little wet and bedraggled, but a little champagne cleared away their holiday airport fog. It is awesome to be with family on Christmas!

After the rain finally stopped, we went out for a fabulous Italian Christmas meal at Valentino’s. It was fantastic. Passionfruit mimosa’s, osso bucco, brasceola, spaghetti Bolognese and penne a la vodka… Delicious.

On Boxing Day (day after Christmas and a holiday here) we mostly relaxed and caught up. We did go to the yacht club to watch the mega-yachts come and go through the 5:00 bridge. It was quite a show. Some of the boats were so big, we were wondering how they would squeeze through the bridge. There were some close calls as yacht crew scrambled to strategically place fenders to prevent a horrible scrape. The struggling economy is definitely not stopping spending here. The mega yachts are constantly coming and going. The island traffic is always in a snarl. The restaurants are all packed. It is a great thing for St. Martin. In fact, we are looking forward to getting away to somewhere a little more peaceful and quiet, and Anguilla seems just the place.

Today we take the ferry to Anguilla to enjoy a week of fun and sun and spectacular beaches. We are leaving our boat at the marina as there will be more work being done on it while we are away. We will be staying at a villa, and will be on a holiday from our permanent holiday… Life is great!

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