Sitting at the Dock of the Bay…

Cajun wears her Saints colors

We sailed from Saba with the wind on our nose to St. Martin.  Pirate cranked up the motors so that we would make it in time for the 11:30 bridge.  We arrived at 11:36 and were the last boat to make it through.  We were relieved, because if we were any later, we would have had to wait on the hook until 5:30 for the next bridge to open.  Timing is everything sometimes.

After 2 months at sea, it was time for some marina living.  We came to our old home at Simpson Bay Marina and tucked into our favorite slip on C Dock.  We have the outside slip near the fuel dock.  It is great because you get to see all the boats come and go to fuel up and we only have a neighbor on our starboard side, instead of being crammed in on both sides like most boats here.  We have seen many familiar faces and friends from our last stay here.  It is great to be at the marina!  No generators since we have shore power!  All the water we can use without having to make more!  TV too!  

After organizing some boat maintenance and repair jobs to be done, we headed to our favorite St. Martin beach bar- Karakter.  We had a great day lounging around, sipping frozen cocktail and beer and people watching.  We moved from our favorite beach bar to our marina pool bar for some more cocktails.  We discovered that drinks are free if you have  gold coins (two coins=1 free drink).  They  hide the coins around the restaurant and sprinkle lots of them at the bottom of the pool.  Cajun had the ability to pick up the coins with her toe, no need to dive!  We racked up on coins and will be drinking for free for awhile!

Saturday night we went to watch the Saints game on a big screen tv at a local sports bar.  We ran into lots of other Saints fans and even someone we knew!  We met up with Rene Bajeux a prominent chef from New Orleans.  Rene was chef at the Windsor Court and also had his own restaurant in New Orleans for years.  He is now the head chef at St. Martin’s finest resort- La Samana.  It was great to watch the game with Rene and catch up with him.  We had lots of fun, even though the Saints lost. 

It is great to be back in St. Martin at our cozy marina!  The boat is staying put for the holidays!

One thought on “Sitting at the Dock of the Bay…”

  1. Ed! OK we are back in the Abacos with Steven Jason and Boo. It’s great to see everyone but we are realizing it may be time to continue south later in the year. Who do you insure the boat with and wat kind of limits do they put on you? It may still be a while but we are trying to push on!
    I can’t wait to meet the Cajun, such a happy smile!
    Love Mike and Sloane

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