Good Times with Good Friends in Nevis

Bobby and Pirate stand on 300+ year old ruins

We sailed in to Nevis from Montserrat a week or so go (we are losing track of days).  We are moored right off of Pinney’s Beach with no other boats around us.  We initially planned to be here only three nights.  Now, it looks like we will be staying here for 10!  That is the beauty of not being on a schedule- when you find someplace you really enjoy, you stay there.  And Nevis is one of those places that make you want to stay awhile.

One of Nevis’ best assets is its people.  You make friends quickly here and they soon feel like family.  We met some great people at our new favorite beach bar/restaurant called the Double Deuce.  The owners, Mark and Lynndeta and another expat named Bobby.  Mark has been cooking us some fabulous meals and Bobby has been taking us all around the island.  We are having so much fun here; we don’t want to think about leaving.

Bobby picked us up in his pick-up truck on Thursday and took us to some fabulous places.  We went off-roading and climbed up the mountains to view the remains of some 300+ year old sugar plantations.  We drove along the rocky beach of the windward side of the island, we toured the ritzy mansions above the Four Seasons and we even hung out at Bobby’s gorgeous home on the hill with his Rottweiler Baxter.  Bobby had the truck set up for an island-style tailgate.  The cooler was stocked with Caribs, Rum, Vodka and local juices and we had deer sausage and crackers to munch on.  We started our day at 2 in the afternoon and ended it at 2 in the morning after Karaoke night wrapped up at the Deuce.  We were exhausted!

Bobby is the operational manager for West Indies Power.  They are working to extract geothermal power from the volcanoes on this island by digging deep holes and tapping into the natural volcanic energy source.  The plan is to lay thousands of feet of cable underwater and pipe that geo-thermal energy to other islands as far away as Puerto Rico.  They are hoping to lower everyone’s electric bills here by over 50%.  It was pretty interesting stuff to learn about. 

We are enjoying hanging out here and are also waiting for some weather to clear out before we move on.  The winds are not right for us to leave just yet, so we are making the best of it here.  

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