Isle des Saintes est Tres Magnifique!

Ti Punch ingredients

Our three days in Isle des Saintes have been pure heaven.  We are anchored off of Bourg de Saintes and have a view of Terre Haut, Guadeloupe and Chameau, making everywhere you look picturesque.  The Saintes are a purely French paradise.  The tiny population here speaks only French.  There are many quaint French bistros and boulangeries.  The smell of fresh baked baguettes follows you everywhere.  The rum sold here is the good kind- rhum agricole (sugar cane based instead of molasses) made in Guadeloupe or Martinique.  The sell it in boxes for easy storage and pouring!  How can you resist that!

We have been enjoying our afternoon Ti Punch cocktails.  A Ti Punch is the quintessential French West Indies drink.  It consists of:

–          4 parts Rhum Agricole

–          1 part syrop de canne (sugar cane syrup)

–          1 part citron (lime)

–          Glacons (ice if you so choose)

We also had a fantastic dinner at Ti Kaz La.  The French can cook!   When you throw in an abundance of fresh fish from the sea, you can’t go wrong!  Cajun ordered poisson en brochette (tuna and shrimp skewers) and Pirate had the swordfish in a passionfruit sauce.  We also nibbled on langouste raviolis and accras fritters.  So delicious!

During the day, we hiked across the island to Baie de Pompierre to relax on the beach and enjoy a picnic lunch.  Pompierre is yet another gorgeous, palm-lined beach.  This beach is unique though because of the “wildlife” that shares the space with the humans.  There were iguanas, chickens, roosters, cats, dogs, goats and cows!  The animals outnumbered the people by far.

In between our French dinners, cocktails and beach time, we have been keeping up with boat maintenance and repairs as we are getting ready for another 80+ mile sail North.  Pirate checked all of the riggings to make sure it was in order.  He discovered that some cotter pins were missing and a block/car tied to a headsail had come apart.  Cajun climbed up on top of the boom and sail to re-tie the car to the headsail and Pirate re-installed the cotter pins.  So, we are good to go!

Tomorrow we are heading north to Deshaises, Guadeloupe for a night, then we are off to the island of Montserrat to tour an active volcano!

One thought on “Isle des Saintes est Tres Magnifique!”

  1. Pirate and Cajun –

    Really enjoyed your website. I’m glad the pirate found someone who’s computer literate! I’ve relived my 20 days aboard Shearwater in 2006 a thousand times, and each time it gets better! Best wishes to you both, and happy sailing!


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