Batibou Beach! Simply Gorgeous!

Entrance to Batibou Beach

We were lucky to find a place to watch the Saints beat the Pats, even luckier that that place was a tree house!   Big Poppa opened up his tree house/sports bar for the Cajun and the Pirate to enjoy the game.  It was mainly just us and the mosquitos and the cicadas..  perfect!   We stayed in the tree til 2 in the morning watching the game, sipping Kabuli’s and rum and munching on chicken wings. 

On Tuesday we met up with our friend Serge to go to Batibou beach and river.  This place was so gorgeous.  Batibou is a palm lined, black sand beach that also has a fresh water river emptying out into the sea.  Most locals go there to pick coconuts (as they are plentiful).  They filmed much of the Pirates of the Carribbean movie (Dead Man’s Chest) right there on the beach and in the nearby jungle. 

Today we are sailing north again to Isle de Saintes.  We would love to stay in Dominica longer, but the winds are right to sail so we are moving on. ..

One thought on “Batibou Beach! Simply Gorgeous!”

  1. I’ve just looked at for the first time – it’s BRILLIANT – I’m back in my house in North Cyprus in the Mediterranean – but wish I, too, were back in the Caribbean!!! It all looks fantastic!!! If you hear of anyone FUN looking for crew – let me know. It was so good to meet you in Union Island, and have such a great pre birthday party with you and everyone else on Happy Island – so many happy memories…..Lots of love to you both, and keep having fun. Helen XXXX

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