One Particular Harbor…

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Our stay in Bequia was dominated by getting our dinghy repaired.  After a couple of days of watching a variety of locals take a stab at fixing it, it was finally working again.  The local who finally fixed it actually paddled over on a surf board and said he would repair it and we could pay him in rum.  We couldn’t argue with those labor demands.   On our last day in Bequia, we decided to explore the island by open air taxi (really a truck where you sit in the back cab).  We spent a delightful day at the Friendship Bay Beach Resort.  This is a gorgeous place on a secluded, pristine beach.  It was a nice way to end our stay on the island.

We departed Bequia at the crack of dawn and set sail for St. Lucia (65 miles north).  It was a perfect day for sailing.    About half way there, we discovered that  we got some line caught in the props and shafts.  It was not a good feeling.  We were concerned about anchoring without any motors and not making good time on the lee of the island where there is no wind thus putting us arriving after dark, so we made the decision to get into irons and send someone overboard to dive the props and cut the line.  Dad volunteered to be the man overboard and he was able to free one of the motors from line.  After a long and trying day, we pulled into our anchorage at Marigot Bay just as the sun was setting.  Priate had no problem putting us right on top of a mooring ball with only the port engine.  Arriving in Marigot Bay is a breathtaking experience.  This tiny harbor is lined in palm trees, with azure water and a quaint, inviting marina and several lively bars.  There was even a rainbow to welcome us!


We have been cooling our jets in this fantastic harbor for the last few days.  Watching the many boats come and go, swimming around, catching some rays, hitting the bars.  The days have flown by in this tropical paradise.  For Dad’s last day here, we took an island tour with our friend Bozo.  He took Dad to all of the “must see” places and deposited Pirate and Cajun at Ladera Resort.  Ladera is set high in the mountains nestled between the Pitons.  The view is spectacular, so beautiful that it did not see real at times, like a backdrop to a portrait that you pose in front of.  We spent several hours mesmerized by the view, sipping rum punches and enjoying their wonderful Sunday brunch.  Ladera is definitely a place we will visit again.


We are looking forward to spending several more days here at this special harbor.  We are sad to see Dad leave and wish him a safe trip home to Mom.  

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