Mondays are made for Mudslides….

Mudslides on a Monday

It is unfathomable that it has been one month and we have not made “frozen concoctions to help us hang on” aboard our boat.  Today we ended that drought.  We fired up the industrial sized blender and made our world’s famous (at least to our taste buds) Mudslides.  It was Monday after all… 

The day was one of those perfect days where nothing major occurred, no business to attend to, no drama was at hand.  We slept late, lounged on the trampolines on the bow, read some interesting books (Pirate is reading the History of Rum and Cajun is hooked on the Outlander series), and sipped delicious Mudslides under the tropical sun. 

We eventually got a spurt of energy and hopped in the dingy to head to Doolittle’s for their nightly happy hour.  Doolittle’s is within swimming distance of our boat, but since we were drinking we decided to drive  (it’s only 100 yards).  We lounged in the pool and watched the sun set over our boat.  Pirate played some games of pool with Bozo and Cajun caught up on computer tasks while sipping local Piton beer.  Tropical music is wafting through the speakers and the palm trees are swaying.  The harbor is lit in fiery oranges and pinks from a fantastic sun set.  The grill is smoking and the aromas of lobster and fish linger in the bar.  It feels like we are living in a Jimmy Buffett or Harry Belafonte song.  The only thing that brings us back to reality is the occasional mosquito bite or ring of an errant cell phone.  

Did we mention that we love Mondays?

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