Bad Luck in the Land of the Turtles…

November 17, 2009

Tobago Cays, Grenadines

They say that bad things happen in threes, and that was definitely the case for us!  In the past three days, we have had three major malfunctions.  Of course things like this always happen when you are out in the middle of nowhere.  And they happened to us in the beautiful Tobago Cays; population of 0- unless of course you count turtles.  But the turtles didn’t seem too interested in helping us with our boat issues, so we will leave them out of our population count at this time.

The first thing to go south was our starboard engine.  After 5 hours of elbow grease, we had her running again.  After that problem was solved, we discovered that the port bilge pump was not pumping out water as it should- not good!   After another three hours of rigging up a new pump, we were able to get the nasty bilge water sucked out and our regular pump unclogged. 

After all of that work, we were ready to have some fun.  So we took the dingy out to swim with the turtles.  We saw tons of turtles and other sea life.  The turtles are so beautiful and peaceful as they swim and float.  You can get right up to them and touch them.  Some of them are huge, weighing over 150 pounds.  After we were all swam out, we hopped in the dingy and were unhappily surprised to find the steering cable was broken and we could not steer!  Luckily, we were towed back by another boater.

Since the Tobago Cays seemed to be bringing us bad luck, we decided to sail on out of that turtle-infested paradise.  We had a fantastic 30 mile sail south to Bequia.  The winds and sea were just right for sailing.  We sailed on a reach averaging 7.5 knots. 

We are now moored in the harbor and two locals named Nappy and Ziggy came to attempt to fix our dingy.  Actually, they spent more time fighting with each other then solving any problems.  Ziggy finally left in a fit of frustration.  Nappy kept working and enlisted another local “handyman” to come and help.  However, he prefaced it by saying “I hope he not drunk, he like to drink he rum, and it is tree o’clock.”   Our odds of getting the dingy fixed today, or even tomorrow, are not looking too good at this point.  It is a good think that we have lots of rum.   Just another adventure to laugh about one day… no today though!

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