We’re in the Water Now Baby!


to the water we go
Into the water we go...

It was a great feeling to finally be back in the water.  However, we didn’t move far.  We are still at the dock at the shipyard.  We hope to be sailing away this morning.  There are still a couple of last minute things that need tinkering.  The steering wheel needs to be fixed, which is pretty important.  Apparently, when they fixed our water problem by installing a new pump and line, the line is now rubbing on the steering cable making it difficult to move.  We have their word that they will be fixing it “jus now”, which we all know equates to sometime in the next year…   But we have a good feeling about this since we are taking up prime dock space that they need for other boats being splashed. 

We are ready to get moving again.  Shipyard life is not for us.  Hopefully, for our next post we will be reporting from a more beautiful tropical setting!


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