Target Splash Date #2 is here and we’re not feeling any salt water spray…

new and improved Shearwater sticker set
Our new and improved Shearwater sticker set

November 4, 2009

St. Davids, Grenada

We have now been in Grenada for a week.  We are still at a hotel and 2 target splash dates for our boat have come and gone.   We drive the 35 minutes over the mountains and through the hills to the shipyard each morning to monitor the work on the boat.  Most of the time when we arrive it is a ghost town around our boat save for the 4 or 5 goats who lounge around in the shade under our hull.  So our first order of business is to get things started.  Sometimes we have to rustle up workers from the rum shop, sometimes we have to wake them up from their siesta under the hull of our boat, sometimes the Pirate will just park himself in the boatyard office until they send workers out just to get rid of him.   Whatever it takes at this point.

We have to admit the “boat repairs to be done” checklist is getting shorter each day.  At this point we are only waiting for them to:

–          Fix the escape hatch

–          Fix the water pressure problem

–          Install backing plates on the dingy

–          Install a new battery

–          Wash the colossal mess they made both inside and outside

 So, conceivably we could be splashed any day now; however, we are not holding our breath or canceling our hotel reservations.   

Switching gears to our rental car.  We opted for a beater that could handle the shipyard dust and grime and the bumpy Grenada roads and not cost us a fortune because we may need it for a while.  For the first week, it served us well.  Granted, it sounds like a sack full of cats screeching every time we make a turn and sometimes the radio will just go to full volume reggae/rap all on its own, but other than that it has been great.  That is until our entire front bumper fell off!   Yep, without hitting anything, the whole thing just popped right off.  Thankfully we were in a shopping center parking lot at the time and not on the treacherous road to and from the shipyard.  We have a different rental car now, with a secure bumper and no cat noises. 

We have finished our first bottle of rum and countless margaritas poolside.  All is fine in this banana republic they call Grenada!

Geaux Saints!   What an amazing game!   We caught it here on ESPN! 

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