Easy Like Sunday Morning…

Beautiful Grenada
Beautiful Grenada


November 1, 2009

Grand Anse, Grenada


Easy Like Sunday Morning…


Yeah! Sunday is finally here.  This is the first day that we do not have to go to the shipyard to monitor (and beg and plead and prod) the workers on our boat.  The shipyard is closed today.  The work is coming along nicely though.  New paint has been applied, the floors are back where they belong, the sails are being stitched.  But, we are still uneasy about everything being done on time.  Wednesday is fast approaching and there is a still lot to be done including important things like fixing our water pressure problem and putting the backing plates and engine back on the dinghy.  But today is Sunday, a day of rest, so we are putting aside our boat woes.  However, part of the problem is that every day is a day of rest to the locals.

We enjoyed a relaxing and interesting breakfast at the hotel.  Being in the states these last three months have surely spoiled us in the food area.  We became used to American breakfast buffets of scrambled eggs, pancakes or French toast, grits, sausage, bacon, bagels, and other usual fare.  Our Sunday morning Grenadian breakfast buffet included choices of salt fish, pickled herring, lumpy porridge, salted pork strips, boiled bananas, and callaloo soup.  Thank god they had an omelet station!  The pirate decided to sample the salt fish.  The minute his taste buds registered the new flavor, his eyes became like golf balls and it was evident it took all of his efforts to swallow it down.  He still has the revolting taste in his mouth 4 hours later.  Even rum is not taking it away.   The good news is, dieting should be easier now!

After the succulent salt fish, we took a long walk on beautiful Grand Anse beach.  It is a gorgeous day and lots of locals are out enjoying it.  We floated in the calm water for over an hour watching the people walk by and the boats sail to and fro.  After we had our fill of salt, we moved to the pool.  The pool bar surprisingly catches NFL CBS coverage on its flat screen TV.  So we will probably spend the afternoon watching some games and sipping frozen libations.  The Pirate is also working on some projects here on our hotel room porch, chipping and spraying rusted items to restore them after a season of salt water damage.  Swimming, spray-painting, football and frozen margaritas: a perfect way to spend the day.

Tomorrow is Monday, so we will be heading back to the shipyard to remind the workers that it is time to work again. 

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