We’re Baaack…..

shipyard life
We want to be in the water!!!!

We made it back to Grenada!   It was one of those rare perfect travel days where everything went our way.  All flights were on time.  For each flight, we had the exit row all to ourselves.  All of our multiple bags made it to the final destination.  Customs and immigrations agents were actually friendly and efficient and gave us no problems despite all of the taboo things we were bringing in our lugguage (Community Coffee, Crystal Light, Pepper, Ziplocks, etc.  things that cost a fortune over here).  It gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling.  With all of the positive vibes, we felt secure that our boat would be shiny and new and ready to splash upon our arrival the next day.

     It turned out that we had a false sense of security whre the boat was concerned.  We arrived at the shipyard to find that the boat was FAR from being “sail-ready”.  The entire boat was/is filthy- full of dirt and dust from three months of shipyard living.  Some of hte floors are missing, sails are not installed, teak still not repaired, engine on dingy missing, paint not complete, and much other unfinished business too depressing to detail here.  After a few hours in the sweltering heat at the shipyard, we got a “target” splash date of Wednesday.  Why they couldn’t tell us that before we flew here is still a mystery.  

    So, we decided to stick our heads (and feet) in the proverbial and literal sand and forget about our boat woes.  This is a vacation afterall.  If it isn’t fun, then why do it!  We headed to our favorite luxury resort to spend the afternoon.  We lounged by the pool and sipped rum and cokes.  Finally the stress began to melt away. 

    One more week liming the days away in this beautiful paradise while others labor away on our boat will not be that bad afterall.  Things could be much worse.  We could be back in the states still working!   Instead, we are living at a hotel, that we have already stocked with local rum.  It is good to be back!

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