It’s About that Time Again…


New Orleans, LA

We are winding down our time left in the states and spending our remaining couple of weeks in wonderful New Orleans.  We love it here and of course are planning to dine at all of our favorite spots before we go back to limited fare of fish and fruit in the islands.  New Orleans is also a perfect last stop in the states because the hot and humid climate here will surely help us to acclimate to Grenada weather again.  Even better, this city is alive at this time of year, and the Saints are winning! 

We have our fingers crossed that our boat will be ready when we get to Grenada.  We frequently call the boatyard, but have not been able to get a true status report of what has been done and what is left.  It is the islands afterall…  no hurries, no worries, no problems. Unless of course it is your boat that is still suspended in mid-air in disarray instead of happily floating in the water where it belongs. 

To get us back into the island mindset, we created this slideshow of some of our favoritie memories and places from last season’s sail.  We hope you enjoy!

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