Island Hopping, New England-style.

A Lobster Picnic on the Beach in Nantucket
A Lobster Picnic on the Beach in Nantucket


We added yet another island to our long list of places visited this year.  This time it was beautiful Nantucket and for once we didn’t arrive in our own boat, but instead took the ferry over from Hyannis, MA.  Our good friends, Bill and Amy, who visited us in Grenada earlier this year, so graciously invited us to stay with them at their beach home for a few days.  Of course we took them up on the offer and had a wonderful time.  We spent the sunny days lounging on the beach, fishing in the surf and braving the frigid ocean waters and massive waves (it was very different from the warm Caribbean waters that we are used to).  Bill and his son Drew caught tons of fish, many of which were stolen by the seals that prowl the shoreline.  It was fun to watch!  We even had a sunset lobster picnic on the beach.  It was delicious and quintessential New England!  And of course, everywhere we went there was rum… it is an island after all..

On the one day that was foggy, we visited Nantucket Vineyards and spent the afternoon sipping cocktails and wine.  The guys did a vodka tasting and the gals opted for the wine tasting.  Both were great!  After all of that alcohol, we needed food.  We went for a fabulous dinner at the Galley and all dined on the freshest seafood you can get.  It was a fabulous visit and left us wanting to return to Nantucket again next year.

Once back home, the Pirate and Cajun drove to Halifax, MA to see our good friends Mark and Linda and watch their daughter Katlyn compete in a prestigious riding competition.  Katlyn and her horse Cam were excellent, mastering all of the jumps and really shining above the rest of the riders. 

We are enjoying our summer in New England and the days are flying by.  The weather has been fabulous here in Newport.  Our time here is quickly coming to an end, before long we will be heading back to Grenada for another year of sailing.   But first, we are heading to Chicago tomorrow for a fun week in the Windy City! 

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