Sunsets, Starry Nights and Seclusion

Spectacular Sunset
Spectacular Sunset


After some fun-filled days in Union, Tobago Cays, Petit St. Vincent and Palm Island, we were due for some R&R.  Having too much fun can be just as tiring as doing too much work.  That is our story and we are sticking to it.

We sailed south of Carriacou and dropped anchor off the beach of an uninhabited outlying island.  A spectacular setting affording 360 degrees of beautiful vistas.  The colors of the water (and there were many) were shades of blue, aqua and green with dark patches every 30 feet.  After diving the anchor to ensure it was well buried in sand and not a dark patch of what we guessed was either seaweed or coral, we discovered that the dark spots were actually fish!  Schools and schools of hundreds of thousands of fish so dense that the water appeared black on the surface.

We spent three wonderful days at our secluded anchorage, never seeing another soul.  No boats, no fishermen, no panhandlers, no tourists on the beach- it was pure heaven.  Each morning we would relax and read.  Each afternoon we would snorkel for hours amid all of the abundance of sea life.  We swam in the middle of the giant schools of sardines, jacks, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, squid and turtles.  After we were water-logged ourselves, we would swim back to the boat for cocktails.  Each evening we prepared a feast.  We even made a traditional Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo.

The sunsets were fabulous, filling up the sky with many fiery colors that became more and more intense as the sun descended.  The night skies provided a canopy of stars.  We would lay on the bow and count the satellites and falling stars until it was time for bed.  And then we would wake up and do it all again the next day. 

While we now live in Paradise, everywhere is beautiful here- even the crowded anchorages and busy beaches- it is possible to find a special Paradise while in Paradise.  That is what this anchorage was to us.  It is our secret getaway- not in the guidebooks and thus unspoiled.  We will do our part to keep it that way by not revealing its location.  We are sure the thousands of schools of fish will appreciate this too.

Now being rejuvenated and refreshed, we are back at our Prickly Bay Grenada home.  Just in time for happy hour under the almond tree.  Back to our normal routine and daily grind of liming.  However, we will always remember the sunsets, starry nights and seclusion of our secret island getaway.

One thought on “Sunsets, Starry Nights and Seclusion”

  1. Ed,
    We have been following your life from the beginning of your journey and it looks and sounds wonderful. As i’m sure you know, you continue to make a dream your life. We miss you and hope to catch up sometime in the near future.

    We are hold up in NC for the summer and are going to try to get the boat out of here in November. I was hoping you might be able to suggest a few spots to keep the boat for most of the winter possibly around St. Thomas. I need a place like the jib room so i can leave the boat for a month at a time and go home to work. I think you know what we like, a secluded party. I think i should keep her at a dock at least while i’m not there. Let us know what your thoughts are.

    I can’t wait to meet the Cajun. You are both very lucky.

    Mike and Sloane

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