We Sailed Away…


Romance in the Grenadines
Romance in the Grenadines

Grenada has been fabulous; it has become “home” for us these past couple of months.  We have our own neighborhood of cruisers, our favorite hang-outs and happy-hours, a great knowledge of the best grocery and specialty stores and a comfort and ease with how life is lived there.  We love Grenada and intend to stay for awhile.  However, one can always use a change of scenery.  So, with the arrival of Cajun ‘s parents to Grenada, we decided to sail away to the neighboring Grenadines.

We waited for the perfect weather window of light winds out of the east and picked up anchor (which was covered in green gunk from being down for so long) and sailed north to Union Island.  It was a 40 mile sail and was one of the most enjoyable yet.  Unfortunately, we did not catch any fish along the way.

Union Island, part of the Grenadine island chain, is one of our favorite places.  Soon after we arrived, we met up with all of our local friends- Lambi, Boutique, Janti, etc. Warm welcomes were given and we instantly felt back at home here.  Things in Union are very simple and laid back.  Life happens on the street, and you quickly get to know all of the locals by name as you pass them by.  Union does not get many tourists besides the boating crowd.  There are no resorts or day sailing “cattlemarans” that dump loads of sightseers.  An island characterized by friendly, laid-back people and the total absence of tourists- it is truly Paradise Found!

The anchorage here is incredibly beautiful.  Our boat is perched on the edge of a long reef, overlooking the Tobago Cays and Palm Island in the distance.  The water is many different shades of blue and green and so clear that you can watch the sea life floating by.  We can swim 20 yards off of the front of the boat and be in waist deep water.  It was the perfect setting to test out our new underwater camera.

It has become unbearably hot during the afternoons.  We are closer to the equator this far down the island chain and it is the dog days of summer.  We have our own special plan to beat the heat.  Each afternoon, when it is just too hot to stand, when the act of swatting a fly is too much on an effort, we come inside the boat, close all of the hatches and crank up the air conditioning.  The AC feels like pure heaven!  It is nice to have the luxuries of land life while floating on a boat in the southern Caribbean.  Plus, a couple of hours of air conditioning is the perfect way to ease into cocktail hour. 

Sailing away to a new port was just what the doctor ordered.  Time to start liming Union style.

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