101 Ways to Lime…



Liming over the ocean
Liming over the ocean

Our days in Grenada have taught us the fine art of “Liming.”  The local definition of this word varies from person to person but all agree that it involves being laid back, relaxing, keeping the stress and drama away and adopting a “no problem” attitude.  You see this attitude everywhere here- regardless of the situation.  You just got fired-  “no problem mon.”  You just ran you car into a tree- “no problem mon.” The electricity for the island is out- “no problem mon.”  Everyone is in no hurry and has no worries.   It is hard for this attitude not to rub off on you.  In fact, it is impossible.

We have spent many of our days liming- just hanging out and doing practically nothing.  You might think boredom would eventually set it, but it never does.  Little things can keep you occupied and sometimes mesmerized for hours.  Things like:  Will that bird every catch a fish?, Will that person ever set his anchor properly?, What is that naked guy doing on the bow of that boat?, etc.   The days fly by with all of this “excitement” going on.  

It may be that the heat contributes to this overall lethargy and laid back feeling.  Each morning, we rise at 6:00 a.m so that we can get our exercise done before the sun begins to bake our brains.  By 8:00 a.m. we are done with the strenuous physical activities and ready to begin our daily lime.  This can involve many “activities”, but usually includes: coffee hour, reading under the canopy, floating in the water, napping on the trampoline on the bow, motoring along in the dingy through the anchorage, walking on the beach, hanging out under the tree with other locals and sailors, hanging out at the bar with locals and sailors, etc.

The pace of life is slow, but wonderful.  It is hard to imagine the stressful lives we used to live- the management problems, the endless meetings and rushing around, the blackberry that never could be dislodged from our hands, the deadlines and the stress.  When we were late, there was never the “no problem mon” response. 

This lifestyle may not be for everyone.  There are many who could not wind down to this level.  But for us, this has been sublime.  We are blessed to be able to experience this and we truly appreciate the solitude, the peace and the quiet.    It is quite ironic that when we slow down to doing virtually nothing is when we truly feel  alive.  To lime is divine!

One thought on “101 Ways to Lime…”

  1. Ed
    It was great hanging out with you at the TPC event. The Cajun gave me the website and its awesome. It was nice to meet her happy liming!!!!!!

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