Good Times with Good Friends


Two Peas in a Pod
Two Peas in a Pod

The Gumbopirate crew welcomed two new sailors to the family last week.  Our good friends Bill and Amy came down to visit, de-stress and enjoy a week of sun and relaxation.  You know that they are good friends if they are willing to travel over 12 hours to see us! They even came bearing gifts!  What was great for us is that Bill and Amy made us feel like we were on vacation ourselves again.  While we LOVE Grenada, it is more like home to us now and less like an exotic destination.  Their visit gave us the impetus to go out and explore some more and squeeze every last bit of light out of each day, also every last bit of rum out of each bottle.   We now feel we need a vacation from our pseudo-vacation!

We explored Grenada by car for the first two days of their visit.  We jumped in the frigid waters of Concord falls and tried to hike to a second set of falls that we never did find.  After all of the swimming and hiking, we headed to Aquarium restaurant for their Sunday BBQ , music and snorkeling.  On Monday, we took the long drive to the Northern tip of the island to Petit Anse Resort.  What a fantastic place (Thank you Chris for recommending it and thank you Annie for you hospitality).  We spent the afternoon lounging in their infinity pool overlooking the ocean and Carriacou in the distance.

After two days in the car, it was time to explore by sea.  We sailed off from Prickly Bay and headed to Hog Island.  We found a wonderful anchorage on the southern side of Hog Island in a protected cove that we had all to ourselves.  The Pirate and Bill went off on a long snorkeling expedition and came back with a bag full of conch.  We loaded up a bucket of beers and rum and headed to a private beach to clean the conch and sit under the shade of sea grape tress.  We also explored the white sand beaches of Calvigny Island and the quiet marina and resort at Phare Bleu (well, at least it was quiet until we arrived).  While relaxing in the pool at Phare Bleu, we somehow managed to drink 20+ Planteur’s Punches.  Those punches led to a wrestling match (in the pool), a disc jockey –“name that tune competition”, and a drunken game of Scrabble with words of unknown origin.  And of course there was dancing.

We did have the wonderful opportunity to dine at the Lightship Restaurant at Phare Bleu one evening.  This 5 star restaurant is set in a 200 year old lightship.  The chef is incredible and continued to amaze us with one delicious dish after another.  The meal was outstanding with four courses of decadent foods (even red meat! A rarity in the Caribbean).  We all went home fat and happy.

We sadly sailed back to Prickly Bay as Bill and Amy had to leave the next day.  But we sent them out in true island fashion- with a Friday night “jump up” at the Tiki Bar under the Almond Tree.  We caroused with all of our sailor friends, had too many rum punches to count, danced to the calypso music and somehow stumbled home falling asleep on the bow of the boat watching the stars.   

Having Bill and Amy here was awesome.  They are great friends who love and live life to its fullest, just like us.

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