Liming away the days…

Pirate and Chris at happy hour under de tree
Pirate and Chris at happy hour under de tree

May 7, 2009

Prickley Bay, Grenada


Grenada has been fabulous.  We spent a glorious Sunday on the 2 mile long Grand Anse Beach.  The beach is truly unspoiled as no boats are allowed to anchor in the bay (no bilges are dumped) and no hotel is over 3 stories high.  Thus, the water is crystal clear and the beach is not commercialized and not overrun with tourists.  We met Tasty and Reto at the dock as they were disembarking “Why Me” and joined them for the afternoon at a local establishment. We are not sure if this place had a name, it was mostly just a couple of picnic tables under a palm tree run by the flirtatious Janice.  However, the beer was ice cold and the fried chicken was delicious and crispy.  The Pirate and Tasty split a bottle of Iron Jack rum (120 proof). We limed away the afternoon with the locals, telling stories, sipping cocktails, watching the people go by and cooling off in the ocean when the sun got too hot.  As we left our new friends and walked the beach toward our dingy, we ran into our friends Dave and Anita from Carriacou.  The cruising world is small and we keep on running into people we met weeks/months and many islands ago. 


While in St. Georges, we met a Grenadian named Herman who escorted us through the busy streets and told us lots about his beloved island home.  He helped us on our quest to find the best Roti in town.  In fact, he narrowed it down to two places; De Roti Stop and Country Kitchen.  We decided to hit both and it was a good decision indeed.  Who says that you can only have one lunch! 


One of the great things about St. Georges is the supermarkets.  They are great for provisioning as they have everything that your typical major grocery would have plus all of the Grenadian goodies that you would never find in a Winn Dixie or Albertson’s.  We went to the grocery expecting to only buy bread and eggs.  However, when we got there they told us the fresh bread would be coming “jus now” which translates to 1-2 hours.  We are on island time too, so that was no problem.  We were happy to wander the aisles of the store for an hour and the air conditioning was an extra treat.  What we didn’t anticipate is that while wandering the store we would continue to pile goodies into our basket.  By the time the bread arrived, the basket was full of spices, champagne, wine, cookies and other treats.  We are looking forward to our next trip to Foodland!


We are now anchored in Prickley Bay.  This is a busy anchorage full of live-aboard yachties.  Even better, we are amongst friends, both old and new.  Our great friends Chris, Rachel and Lilly aboard Hogfish and Chris Doyle aboard Ti Kanot are here.   In the afternoons, everyone gathers under the almond tree to socialize and kick back.  At the moment the clock strikes 5, the bartender rings a bell to signify the start of happy hour.  Not three seconds later, salty sailors and weathered yachties materialize seemingly out of nowhere and stagger to the bar under the tree.  We were there to witness this two afternoons in a row.  At 4:59 we were the ONLY ones at the bar, but at 5:01 people start appearing suddenly-  from the sea, from the beach, from behind bushes and trees.  It was reminiscent of a scene from Night of the Living Dead, lots of salty old sailors stumbling forward with a singular purpose- to get a cold beer for $1.50 or a rum for $2.00.  All at once the peaceful hut under the almond tree becomes a rowdy place where stories are exchanged and beers are swigged.  A community of castaways trying to beat the heat.  Liming at its finest!

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