Grenada at Last….

Mahi Mahi Catch
Mahi Mahi Catch

May 2, 2009

St. George’s, Grenada          

We left Carriacou in a torrential downpour at 6:00 a.m.  That shows you how much we liked the place.  Despite the rainy weather, the 35 mile trip to Grenada was great.  The water was as flat as a sheet of paper and the rain kept things cool.  Along the way, a pod of hundreds of porpoises swam along our boat.  At times it seemed they were so close you could reach out and touch them.  And just as they suddenly appeared, a half an hour later they were suddenly gone.  Soon after the porpoise parade, we hooked a fish on the line.  We reeled it in and were delighted to find a good sized Mahi Mahi, something we had not yet caught.  The fish was gorgeous, awash in colors of bright yellow, blue and green.

Soon after all of the fish entertainment, we arrived at our destination of St. Georges, Grenada.  St. Georges is the capital city and is perched right above the water.  It is quite a bustling town, with winding streets and not much of a curb to walk on.  We were constantly dodging oncoming cars, sort of like that old Atari game “Frogger”.   Fortunately, no one went “Splat.”  We visited the local market to stock up on some fresh goods.  What a market!  There was an abundance of every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable.  They were so much riper and larger than those we have seen in other islands, kind of like there are on sterioids here.  We loaded up with as much as we could physically carry; mangos, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, lemons, limes, mispels, potatoes, carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley and spices (that is why we have no pictures, our arms were too full).  After all of the bargaining and business of the market, we were beat and walked back to the Carenage to unload our aching arms into the dinghy.    We stopped in at a restaurant called Nutmeg and had a few rum punches and the best chicken roti we have ever had.

 Back on the boat, we started fishing again and somehow hooked an eel.  He was an angry fellow that looked like he would do us harm, so we just cut the line. We had a great evening relaxing and watching the city of St. George’s twinkling in the distance.  We are happy to be in Grenada, which was originally our final destination and as south as we planned on going.  But, as typical cruisers who are addicted to this lifestyle, we are now contemplating going further south and extending our trip.  At this rate, we may never return.  But it is great to be in Grenada at last!

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