In the Land Where Palm Trees Sway…

Palm Island Palm Trees Sway
Palm Island Palm Trees Sway

April 30, 2009

Tyrell Bay, Carriacou


In the Land Where Palm Trees Sway….


We took the dinghy over to Palm Island for a day of R&R (not that we don’t have that everyday here).  Palm Island  (named because of the hundreds of palms that grace the entire island) is a simply gorgeous place, a private island of 135 acres owed entirely by the all inclusive Palm Island Resort (just think Fantasy Island meets Sandals and you’ll get the picture).  We went to meet some friends that we met at Happy Island for lunch on the beach under the palms.  Our friends go there each year and raved so much about the place, we had to see it for ourselves.  They were right!

After lunch, the General Manager of Palm Island, Rick Burnette, took us for a tour of the island in his golf cart.  He showed us the resort grounds and rooms, private villas, nature trails, and told us of the changes he is making there. He also pointed out the never-ending job of pruning the palm trees and picking up palm fronds.  He has quite an estate to keep up!  We also toured our friends’ Bob and Charlene’s villa named Southern Cross. Wow!  It was unbelievably beautiful, an open-air design home perched on a hill with 360 degree views of the ocean.  After the tour, we met up with our friends and frolicked in the azure waters.  What a great day!

We headed back to our boat, sad to leave our friends but happy to come home.  It was time to sail south yet again and the next morning we left Union Island and after a quick stop at the beautiful Sandy Island, we anchored in Carriacou.  We wandered around the deserted town and did some much needed provisioning.  About all there was in the capital city of Hillsbourough was rum shops.  There were rum shops every 50 feet, all offering an assortment of very strong rum and when we arrived at 9:00 a.m., locals were already in the rum shops sampling the goods.  We spent a very hot day there and wandered in to a rum shop in the evening to watch the Celtics lose to the Bulls in triple overtime.  

This  morning we sailed to Tyrell Bay and were a bit disappointed with this anchorage.  It is a bit like a sailboat graveyard with the bay littered with abandoned and much neglected boats of all types, all steaming in the sun  and building up rust and bird droppings.  We are thus setting sail yet again in the morning, this time Grenada!  Hopefully there will be more swaying palms and less swaying rust buckets….

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