Swimming with the Fishes and Floating with the Turtles…

Petit Tabac Pirate
Petit Tabac Pirate

April 25, 2009

Tobago Cays and Union Island


Swimming with the Fishes and Floating with the Turtles…


Ah, the unspoiled beauty of the Tobago Cays.. well, sort of unspoiled.  The Cays are a chain of five tiny islands all surrounded by coral reef.  The islands are uninhabited and the whole area is a protected nature preserve.  The reefs allow for a protected anchorage in shallow waters that are hundreds of shades of blue.  You can literally watch the sea life swim around and under your boat.  On the other side of the Tobago Cay’s aptly named End of the World reef is just miles of ocean until you reach Africa.  It is truly a unique place and that is why boaters come from all over the world to see it. 


We took the dinghy around the islands and explored each one- Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Baradel, Jamesby and Petit Tabac. We swam with giant sea turtles and even inadvertently touched a couple.  We were chased by eagle rays and sting rays and floated atop a huge school of squid.  There was definitely an abundance of sea life.


The Pirate navigated our boat to the tiny island of Petit Tabac, which is where they filmed the scene from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Johnny Depp is marooned on the tiny island and finds a stash of rum.  Pirate had to navigate our boat into a very tight space to anchor there amid reef and rocks.  We spent the morning ashore on Petit Tabac and felt like marooned pirates ourselves as there was no one around and all was quiet except for the birds and crashing waves. 


After two days of  exploring the Tobago Cays, we were beat and bruised (Pirate slipped and banged his knee, and Cajun sliced her toe open on a conch shell).  We motored over to Union Island to return to “civilization” – which is a relative terms these days.  We are anchored in Clifton, just in time to head to shore for Friday night festivities.  Rum, calypso, and bbq— the perfect remedy for cuts and bruises.


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