Mayreau we go!

At anchor in Mayreau
At anchor in Mayreau


Mayreau we go…


Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau

April 22, 2009


From Canouan we sailed 7 miles south to the tiny island of Mayreau.  Mayreau is even smaller and more primitive than Canouan.  It is only 3 square miles, has a population of around 250 people and one main village.  They just got electricity on the island 5 years ago and they have no desalinization plant so they must either import their water or catch it from the sky.  As it is now dry season, they are under rationing procedures and can only fill their jerry jugs with water in town on Tuesdays and Fridays.  They have no fuel station on the island and no doctor- so you walk a lot and hope that you stay healthy.


We anchored on the Northern tip of the island in Saltwhistle Bay.  This was a beautiful anchorage with a palm lined, white sand beach that was only around 10 yards wide in some spots with the ocean on the other side- so from our boat you would see beach with palm trees and on the other side of it more crystal blue water-  quite awesome.  We swam to and from the boat to shore many times as the water was so calm and clear.   As small as Mayreau is though, it attracts quite a few boats as it is the stopping off point for going to the Tobago Cays.  Our anchorage was quite busy and gave us some entertainment as we people watched each day.


We decided to walk to town to hit the grocery stores and provision up before embarking for the Tobago Cays where there are no inhabitants and supplies.  The walk was only a mile or so, but all of it was either steeply uphill or severely downhill which made it feel like 5 miles.  When we started to see more homes and a shop or two, we asked a local how much further it was to town.  His reply was “you in it mon”.  So, our hopes of loading up on fresh veggies and meats were dashed as we found that the “supermarket” was a tiny shack with two isles of sparsely stocked shelves.  We bought bread and cheese and M&Ms and hitchhiked a ride back to the boat. 


Our time in Mayreau was relaxing and peaceful.  The days were hot, but there was always a nice breeze right when you needed it most.  The nights were cool with thousands of stars in the sky to light up the bay.  Paradise yet again.

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