Bit by Mustique

Pirate and Cajun bit by Mustique
Pirate and Cajun bit by Mustique

April 18, 2009

Brittania Bay, Mustique


Our stay in Mustique was like stepping into an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, minus Robin Leach as narrator.  The island is definitely not like the rest of the Caribbean, and more like a posh summer camp for obscenely rich adults.  There are only 80 homes and 2 tiny hotels and the list of owners is like a who’s who of celebrities, royals, moguls, and heiresses.  The island is privately owned and run by the Mustique Company, so every road is newly paved, every tree is pruned, all flowers are in bloom and there is no litter or stray dogs.  Activities and social events are always occurring- whether it be movie night under the palms, scavenger hunts across the island, equestrian shows, dancing lessons, impromptu cocktail parties and white linen lunches served on the beach. 


We hit all of the hotspots, including Basils, Firefly and the Cotton House, lounged on the gorgeous beaches and hiked the beautiful tree-lined paths.  We met lots of interesting people on holiday and also the head managers of the Mustique Company.  We even got invited to a private party where we danced the night away under the stars.  It was all a bit surreal, especially after coming from other islands where poverty is always on display. 


One of the great things about Mustique is that it is so tiny that you get to know people and you see them every day.  The island itself is the resort, and no matter where you are, you never feel that you are off of the resort.  You see the same familiar faces each day, and you find friends fast.  We met a wonderful couple- Rocky and Laura- who graciously introduced us to many of the Mustique managers and guests.  Rocky is a caretaker for one of the mega-mansions and Laura teaches at the Mustique school.  Rocky took us on a private tour of the entire island and even gave us an inside tour of the beautiful home that he runs.  Their neighbors include Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger and Bryan Adams.


As different as Mustique is from all of the other islands we have visited, we were definitely enchanted by its beauty and charm- we were bit by the Mustique bug.  And leaving Mustique was similar to leaving summer camp as a kid- a sad departure leaving new friends and such a shiny, happy place.  But, with that manufactured reality and Stepford feel comes a hefty price tag, and the $6 cokes and $20 drinks and $100 mooring fees reminded us that it was time to move on and sail south yet again to another beautiful island with a more authentic culture and cheaper beer…  Canaoun here we come!


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