A Whale of a Day in Petit Nevis

Petit Nevis- our private anchorage
Petit Nevis- our private anchorage


April 15, 2009

Brittania Bay, Mustique



We said goodbye to all of our new friends from Bequia and set sail after 7 wonderful days there.  We didn’t go very far- 3 miles!   We spent the day at the tiny island of Petit Nevis.  Petit Nevis was used by the Bequian’s to slaughter and prepare the whales they would kill.  It is a Bequian tradition to catch and kill humpback whales by harpoon only.  There still take part in that tradition today, though unfortunately this year they have not caught a whale.  Once caught, they would take the whale to Petit Nevis to cut it up, render the fat, remove the bones, etc.   The old whale prep facilities are still there for you to explore, but nothing else is on the tiny island.


We all walked the palm-lined beach and poked around for old whale bones (we didn’t find any).  Pirate and Cousteau snorkeled the waters around the island while Cajun hiked to the top and saw some awesome views.  We were the only people there and we had a great time exploring.   After Petit Nevis, we motored 5 more miles to the posh island of Mustique.  Mustique is known as the Caribbean playground for the rich and famous and the prices on this island keep most other folks away.  It is a simply gorgeous place, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.  We have yet to explore the island beyond our anchorage, but we did go to the lively Wednesday night “jump up” at Basil’s Bar. 


We are getting further south and the sun is getting hotter.  That just means more swimming is required to cool off the outsides and more frozen tropical drinks to cool off the insides. 

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