When it Rains, It Pours Wahoo!

Four and a half foot long Wahoo!
Four and a half foot long Wahoo!


Admiralty Bay, Bequia

April 9, 2009


When it Rains, It Pours Wahoo!


We kicked it up on our last night in Marigot Bay by going to the Marigot Beach Club for their happy hour(s).  The Cajun lounged by the pool and Pirate and Cousteau played some pool and even beat the owner Dave at a couple of games.  It was a nice way to end our stay in Marigot.


We motored 8 miles south and anchored in the cleavage of the majestic Piton Mountains.  The view was incredible no matter which way you looked.  We took the dinghy to shore to do some exploring.  The Cajun did some hiking on Gros Piton and the Pirate made friends at the Jalouisie Plantation Resort.  This resort is an ultra posh hideaway for the rich and famous, but we only saw one C-list celebrity making a fool of himself with his pseudo-posse.  We headed back to the boat early to raise the dingy for our long sail to Bequia and we enjoyed a fantastic sunset.


At  4:00 a.m., we were off for Bequia, a 58 mile sail.  The winds were light, but we were still managing to average 7 knots.  At 7:00 a.m., we hooked two Wahoo at the same time.  Cousteau and Cajun managed the lines, while Pirate was busy taking in the jib and turning into the wind to slow us down so we could reel in the fish.  By the time the fish were all filleted and in our freezer and the sails were back up, we landed another fish!   This fish was different from the rest, it was a fighter and it was huge.  When we finally got it on board, we had to put it in the cockpit as it was too big to clean on the back steps.  It was a 4 ½ foot long, 45 pound Wahoo! Talk about a mess in the cockpit- he was a bleeder!  But when it was all said and done, we had a freezer full of fish (and not Bonita or Barracuda thank god!).


We arrived in Bequia in the early afternoon to a harbor full of boats.  This weekend is their annual Easter Regatta, so this is where the action should be.  We found a great anchorage spot tucked right near the shore near a friendly and familiar boat- Ti Kanot belonging to Chris Doyle.  We cooked up some Wahoo and spent the afternoon people watching from the bow of the boat.  There is a sailboat from Louisiana named Acadia here, so we will definitely try to introduce ourselves to these fellow Cajuns. 


While heading in to shore for a few cocktails and the usual customs song and dance, we spotted Mick Jagger and family frolicking on the beach.  We bar hopped for a bit and headed back early, all of the day’s excitement had us beat.  If anyone has some Wahoo recipes…. send them our way.


One thought on “When it Rains, It Pours Wahoo!”

  1. I keep putting this comment in the wrong place – sorry about that -here it is in the correct space…
    Thanks for the Wahoo! As soon as you gave it to me I cut some of it into very fine pieces, added some sesame oil, some soy sauce with a little wasabi paste mixed in, a little lime juice, and some finely chopped sushi ginger, and pepper. Delicious!

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