Rain, Rum, Relaxation and… BATS!

Gumbopirate at the Pitons
Gumbopirate at the Pitons

April 5, 2009

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

 St. Lucia has been a captivating island. It is every bit as beautiful as Dominica and the people are wonderful and welcoming. We have been enjoying our Marigot Bay anchorage and have met lots of great people here. While we have been here, the island has been getting an unusual amount of rain for this time of year. Every day and night there are huge downpours and then the sun comes out and so do the people. It has actually been nice, the rain washes the boat and forces us to kick back and relax.

During one of the breaks in the clouds, we went by dingy to a secluded beach lined with palm trees and a river running through the middle of it. The view was gorgeous and we enjoyed some champagne and a picnic lunch will listening to tunes and dozing the day away. It was awesome. When the rain started again, we booked spa treatments at Le Spa Marigot and enjoyed facials, massages and pedicures (have to keep those pink and black toes in tip top shape!). When we thought we couldn’t get any more relaxed, we opened up a bottle of our Coco Rum from Depaz Rum Distillery and sipped our punch on the bow under the stars. It was indeed two days of paradise.

On one of the rainy evenings, we stayed in a watched a movie. Just as the moving was ending in one of those classic action-packed scenes, a BAT flew into our boat! The bat was flapping around our main saloon like a wild animal (go figure!). It finally found a cracked hatch and flew out. Talk about a surprise. No blood was sucked and no one turned into a vampire, so all is good.

We had Bozo (yep, that’s his name) take us on an island tour. We visited the majestic Pitons, the gorgeous botanical garden, the Diamond Waterfall and the Sulphur Springs. After all of that sightseeing, we were beat. We had every intention of going to a Saturday night “jump up”, but the only place we jumped was into bed. St. Lucia has been lots of fun, but the call of the sea is upon us again. It is time to move further south down the island chain.

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