Iles des Saintes, Part Deu

Our beach hideaway
Our beach hideaway


Iles des Saintes

March 18, 2009


If you have to be stuck with a water pump problem, there could be worse places to be.  At least the incredible view and the friendly people keep our frustration levels down as we try to solve this maddening problem.  Here is the wonderfully ironic part, our starboard and port tanks are full to the brim with H20, meaning we have over 130 gallons of water on board.  However, due to a malfunctioning pump we can’t pull that water from the tank!  The Pirate and Cousteau have gotten to be experts at giving the pump a little CPR to get it started, but it only stays primed for a short while and will usually lose pressure at the most inopportune times – like when you are in the shower full of shampoo, when you are washing dishes, or when you have fish juice all over your hands.. you get the picture.  The Gods of the sea definitely have a sense of humor.


The Pirate and the Cajun escaped the water pump blues by hiking across the island to the fabulous Baie de Pompierre for some R&R.  The beach was beautiful with hundreds of giant palm trees swaying in the breeze and providing shade.  Also fun was that the number of goats on the beach equaled the number of people. In fact, the old axiom of “if you snooze, you lose” definitely applied here.  Those unsuspecting sun worshipers who fell asleep on the beach often awoke to find a goat hovering over them eating their t-shirts, snacks, beach bags, etc. 


Since we cannot acquire a new water pump here on this tiny island, we will probably be sailing off soon.  We will definitely miss this place.  It has so many charming quirks that make it unique.  For example, there is a beautiful old church that is the center of town life here.  As with many churches, it has bells that will toll at certain times, and many different tunes.  What is crazy about this though is that while most church bells ring on the hour or at Noon or some reasonable time- these church bells just go off whenever the fancy strikes them.  Some days they will ring at 8:07am, 10:22am, 12:56pm, 1:03pm, 4:48pm and 7:41pm.  The next day will be completely different..  We have not figured the system out yet, not that we could if we tried.


The other thing we will surely miss here is the fresh baked baguettes!  We have gotten in the routine of buying some in the morning when they come out of the oven and are still warm and then going back to town in the afternoon to buy more.  They are so delicious.  We always finish one before we even get back to the boat!


But, we are sure to find equally fantastic places and we head further south, so we will bid adieu to this charming little island, but not without a huge supply of baguettes!


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