Back in Paradise: Nice People, Beautiful Views and Good Vibes


Iles des Saintes as seen from atop Fort Chameau
Iles des Saintes as seen from atop Fort Chameau





March 16, 2009

Bourg de Saintes, Terre de Haut

We sailed south from Desh*&s, Guadeloupe to our next destination of Iles des Saintes.  On the way, we caught our first Yellowfin Tuna.  We filleted it up right away and enjoyed some sushi and saved the rest to grill up for dinner that night.  We arrived at our destination and it was love at first sight!  This port is wonderful.  It is a group of several small islands that beg to be explored.  We anchored off the small island of Terre de Haut near the town of Bourg de Saintes.  We went ashore and found the most delightful little French town, with lots of open air cafés, ice cream parlors, shops, perfectly manicured lawns, colorfully painted houses and shiny, happy people.  This town is the French version of Mayberry RFD.  There are lots of people strolling the streets and they are all very friendly (a nice change from our previous port). 


In our first couple of days here we have been really busy getting to know this place.  We have snorkeled the waters of Ilet a Cabrit (a tiny island just a dinghy ride away), we have met fellow cruisers and enjoyed many cocktails and laughs, we have hung with the locals sipping Ti Punches at an outdoor café watching the ferries come and go with lots of day-trippers, and we have hiked until our feet were sore.


The Cajun hiked up to the top of the mountain to the Fort at Le Chameau.  It was over 1000 feet in elevation and was a killer to get up there.  However, the views were incredible.  The Pirate and Cousteau hiked across the island to the beautiful Baie de Pompierre to check out the beach there.  After all of that walking, we all enjoyed a long Creole lunch in the gardens of La Fringale.  We ate octopus fricassee, boudin and fish crepes.  It was delicious.


We are enjoying the Saintes and will stay here for a few more days before we head south yet again. 


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