A Whale of a Day!

Whale Tale
Whale Tale

A Whale of a Day!


March 11, 2009

Green Island, Antigua


We left our cozy anchorage in Freeman’s Bay and sailed 9 miles along the eastern coast of Antigua to Green Island.  Along the way we dropped several lines to catch that Wahoo that we have been after, but had no luck.  However, because we were fishing for Wahoo, we charted a course farther from the shore to reach waters 150 foot deep or more (Wahoo like the deep blue sea).  Because we went that far out instead of hugging the coast, we were treated with the unexpected surprise of seeing humpback whales frolicking right near our boat.  They were a sight to see- continuously slapping their tales against the water and causing a huge splash.  We followed the whales for 20 minutes and were mesmerized by their playfulness and sheer size.  They were splashing and jumping and we were the only ones around to see it.  It was a show we will all remember for the rest of our lives for sure!


We anchored on the northern tip of Green Island, which is a barrier island off the coast of Antigua that is surrounded by reefs which make for great snorkeling, fishing and a peaceful and calm anchorage protected from swells.  The water is gorgeous here, so many shades of blues and greens.  We swam the short distance to shore to our own private beach.  We sat in the shallow sand bar that juts out 50 feet from shore and just enjoyed being in the crystal clear waters with the sun right above us. 


Cousteau again lived up to his name.  He soon met us on the beach with a dinghy full of conch and a barracuda that he had speared through the temple.  He had just been gone for an hour!  We enjoyed cocktails on the beach and watched Cousteau clean the conch and the fish in the shallow water. 


Back on the boat, it was a near full moon and we are at the perfect setting to enjoy it.   We have an uninterrupted view of the moon rising over the sky in its orange glory.  We feasted on our catch from the sea and supplemented it with a home baked cake.  Before we could finish our dinner, the fishing line made that familiar ZIINNGG and we had a 10 pound Mutton Snapper on the line!  Can’t beat that, before you finish one dinner you already are reeling in the next.  It was a perfect day.  We gazed at the stars and let the sounds of the ocean lull us to sleep.  This is awesome!

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