Life’s a Beach

Watchin the waves roll in...
Watchin the waves roll in...

Out and About in Antigua

March 6, 2006


Life’s a Beach!


Over the last couple of days we have been exploring Antigua’s beautiful beaches.  They say that there are over 300 beaches on this island.  There is no way we can hit them all, but it is nice to set goals to aspire to.  In two days we visited seven beaches, which is not a bad start. 


Our favorites thus far are Half Moon Bay and Runaway Bay.  Why these you ask?  One reason is because both were incredibly beautiful with powdery pink sands and clear aqua waters.  The second and even more important reason is because both were absent of amenities and establishments and therefore absent of people.  There is something to be said about having two miles of sandy beach all to yourself.  We walked these beaches, swam in their shores, dozed under the sun and soaked up the scenery.  If we had to recommend two perfect places to visit on a trip to Antigua- Half Moon and Runaway Bays would be it (but bring your own stuff- cause there are no “rasta-mans” there to sell you a beach chair or braid your hair). 


All of the other beaches we visited were also beautiful, probably equally so if one could magically erase all of the people on them.  Dickenson Bay has many mega resorts, one being Sandals, and is therefore one of those packed like Sardines kind of places.  Long Bay Beach has only two resorts on it, so it was not overly crowded at first, but as it got later we noticed many vans dropping off cruise ship passengers. 


 After visiting all of these beaches, we need a break from the sun!  Scoring beaches is hard work, especially on an island with so many.  Lest we become red like crawfish, or worse, disenchanted with each beach beginning to look like the next, we will resume our beach exploring at a later date.  Tomorrow we are off to St. Johns for their Saturday Farmers Market to load up on fresh goodies.

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