Sometimes you watch the show, sometimes you are the show

Sunset from Shriley Heights
Sunset from Shriley Heights


March 5, 2009

Freeman’s Bay, Antigua


Sometimes you watch the show, sometimes you are the show!


We have been anchored in Freeman’s Bay for nearly a week.  We have a great spot with an unobstructed view of the mountains and ocean making for some incredible sunsets.  But the peace and quiet of Barbuda is long gone.  This is a busy anchorage with people coming and going at all hours of the day.  We have new “neighbors” each and every day and that makes for some superb people watching. The hours seem to fly here as we watch charter boats try to anchor and woefully get it wrong,  see new boats of all types come in to fuel up, and look at the local “cattlemarans” leave loaded to the gills with milky white tourists from the mega cruise ships for a day sail from hell.  It is a constant parade of humanity at its best and worst, and we have a front seat!


We do venture off the boat though.  We went to Shirley Heights for their Sunday “jump up”.  Shirley Heights is a historic fort way up in the clouds offering fantastic views.  On Sunday they throw a big party with steel pan bands, soca bands and lots of bbq.  People come from all over the island for Jump Up Sundays.  We enjoyed the sunset, had quite a few cocktails and grooved to the music.  Lots of fun!


Cousteau has been settling into his new name very nicely.  On Tuesday he fished  from the dingy dock for sardines to use as bait for bigger, more delicious fish (like that elusive Wahoo he keeps talking about).  The pelicans and frigates were dive bombing all around him.  Before long he had hooked something much larger than a sardine.  Cousteau caught a 40 pound Tarpon!  From the Dingy Dock!  He fought it for over an hour while the crowd around him grew larger and larger.  By the time he reeled it in, he had a crowd of 50 people surrounding him snapping pictures and applauding.  Like we say:  “Sometimes you watch the show, sometimes you are the show”.


Over the weekend we will be renting a car and exploring by land.  We have been hanging out with many locals and think we have a game plan for the best places to see and explore.  Never a dull day here- always something to see and something to do. 

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