We Castaways Have No Bad Days

Beautiful Carlisle Bay Sunset
Beautiful Carlisle Bay Sunset

We Castaways Have No Bad Days….

February 28, 2009



After our beautiful anchorage at Low Bay, Barbuda, we sailed to the southern tip of the island and anchored out on Spanish Point.  This was a gorgeous anchorage with water so clear you could see the bottom in 20 feet.  We anchored in 10 feet of water amidst many reefs that actually stuck out of the water making it look like gnarled tree branches sticking out of the ocean.  We really enjoyed this anchorage!  For three days we lived off the land- fishing by night and going to the reefs to catch lobsters and conch by day.  We feasted on the fresh seafood we caught and enjoyed watching the sea life swim right under our boat.  We were sad to leave Barbuda- this island is a hidden gem.


We had a wonderfully relaxing sail to Antigua with the winds on our beam.  We averaged 10 knots and made it in only 4 hours.  We pulled into Jolly Harbor to fuel up and provision and picked up a mooring ball inside the harbor area.  It was a nice spot, but we have been spoiled by beautiful views and crystal clear waters, so one night in a busy harbor amidst many other boats was enough for us.  We did enjoy a long lunch with many libations at Castaways on the beach.  Their t-shirts say “No Bad Days at Castaways” and we can certainly see why.


From Jolly we sailed to secluded Carlisle Bay.  This anchorage was not a lucky one for us.  While it offered a beautiful view with few other boats, the beach was muddy looking and was mostly taken up by the exclusive Carlisle Bay Resort.  We went to check it out, but it was a bit too snobby for our tastes and they charged us $45 for four rum & cokes.  We also encountered water problems on our boat- with a loss of pressure and therefore the inability to use the water we had in our full tanks.  Not Good!  We only spent one night here.


We are now in Freeman’s Bay in English Harbor.  So far we are enjoying this anchorage- lots of people watching as there are many boats anchored here.  We will probably stay here for a while and relax. 


The last couple of weeks have been incredible.  While we were reticent to leave the comforts and familiarity of St. Martin, each day since has been such a wonderful adventure.  We are discovering so many new places and things.  We have a new crew member who has earned the nickname Cousteau. He is an islander and has taught us much about the local waters and its sea life.  We have been catching our dinners and having incredible meals of fresh lobster, conch ceviche, fried mackerel, grilled snapper and fried plantains.  The few times we do dine out, we go to local places where they cook up local foods like roti and curry and whatever they catch that morning.  The islands are intoxicating and we are drunk on this lifestyle! 

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