A Mighty Wind…

3 little birds say everything's gonna be alright...
3 little birds say everything's gonna be alright...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simpson Bay Marina, St. Maarten


We cut our trip to St. Barts a couple of days short and sailed back home to Simpson Bay Marina.  We were experiencing some problems with our generator (it wouldn’t start!) and that left us without lights, blenders or refrigeration.  Instead of roughing it and losing all of our food, we sailed back to St. Martin where the technical service options for boats are much better.  We have already had Dave the electrician diagnose our problem (bad starter) and order the parts to fix it.  We are also taking this opportunity to have a comprehensive diagnostic done of all our electrical parts to ensure that all is in tip top condition.


Leaving early ended up being a blessing in disguise, for the day after we returned to our dock slip the trade winds started to kick up.  For two days we were experiencing some sustained winds of 35 mph and gusts upwards of 50 mph.  Things were blowing away all up and down the dock and the boats were rocking and rolling throughout the night.  If we were feeling those effects here in our protected marina, you can only imagine how bad it was for the poor souls out there at sea (Stuart and Jenny- we were thinking of you!). 


We are now planning to leave our Simpson Bay Marina home for good.  It has been a fabulous home base for us as we took short trips around the islands of the French West Indies.  However, it is now time for us to move further south down the island chain and start exploring the lower Leeward islands and all of the Windwards.  We will be provisioning and prepping the boat over the next few days and plan to sail off sometime next week to Barbuda. 


Leaving St. Martin will be bittersweet.  We love this island and it has become our home over the last 3 months.  We will miss all of our friends here, but will be back again next season.  But it is time to start exploring new places and meeting new people.  We know that we will discover new “homes” as we sail along.

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