Sailing in the French West Indies…

The View from Isle Fourchue
The View from Isle Fourchue

February 5, 2009

Isle Fourchue, French West Indies


We left our marina home in Simpson Bay and took a short hop over to the small island of Isle Fourchue.  We had a wonderful week in St. Martin and ended it with a great night in Grand Case for their Mardi Gras.  Every Tuesday during the season the streets of Grand Case turn into a party with live music, food, lots of vendors and beaucoup people.  We had a wonderful time watching the sunset at our favorite Grand Case bar Zen It! and then roaming the streets and sampling the food being served up.  We left the next morning and made it out of the 9:00 a.m. bridge with lots of other departing boats.  The Cajun and the Pirate are now the only ones on board with DJ having left last week.  It was a rough sail straight into the wind to our destination of Isle Fourche.  We were happy to get here early and snag one of the few mooring balls in the bay.


Isle Fourchue is a tiny privately owned island about 2 miles off the coast of St. Barts.  There is nothing on the island besides lizards and rocks and a few trees here and there.  The bay however, is a marine preserve and is full of sea life- there are tons of turtles swimming by and great snorkeling. 


We went ashore and hiked the island and witnessed some incredibly beautiful vistas.  We even saw a pod of whales playing off in the distance.  This is the ultimate destination for peace and quiet- not a sole on the island and only 3-4 other boats moored here- most of which just come for the day and then head back to St. Barts in the evening. 


We love this anchorage and intend to stay for a couple of days to relax, swim with the turtles, sip our rum drinks and catch up on some reading.  The snow and ice of Boston truly seems like a million miles away….


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