Home, Sweet Home…



February 1, 2009

Simpson Bay Marina


Home Sweet Home….



We made it back home after an incredibly busy and successful week of work.  It was wonderful to see so many of our friends and also catch a Celtics game, but after countless meetings and many miles on the road, we were happy to come back to the islands where the pace of life is slower and things are more laid back.  Also, it is nice to leave the ice and snow for warm sunny skies and tropical breezes.


We cut it close, but made it back in time to hang out at the yacht club and watch the ships come through the lagoon bridge.  We cheered our friends Stuart and Jenny on and they sailed through.  The yacht club was hopping with an equal amount of human and canine clientele.  We were exhausted that night and were ecstatic to hit the hay.


On Saturday, we unpacked, cleaned and provisioned.  We had a great dinner with Stuart, Jenny and their family aboard their catamaran.  We drank a few pitchers of the “world’s best margarita’s” and were feeling no pain (yes, they did live up to their name).  We even learned the secret to making them “world’s best”-  a very simple 3-2-1-1/2 combination.


By Sunday we were back to our normal routine: morning workouts and walks on the beach.  Cajun had a run-in with a nasty cement post and either sprained or broke a toe… but mojitos and daiquiris at Karakter Beach Bus numbed the pain.  We finally felt the stress and travel fatigue wearing away as we sipped our libations and watched the planes come and go from our beach bus perch.  Tonight we will enjoy the Superbowl at the marina, grill some grub and enjoy a peaceful and quiet evening aboard our boat.  It is good to be back home.


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