Downtime in St. Kitts

St. Kitts Welcoming Committee
St. Kitts Welcoming Committee


Friday, January 16, 2009

Whitehouse Bay, St. Kitts


Downtime in St. Kitts…


We finally pulled ourselves away from Nevis (kicking and screaming no less..).  We sailed the 6 or so miles from Nevis to its sister island of St. Kitts.  Only six miles apart, but world’s different for sure.  St. Kitts is much larger with a population of 45,000, and all of those people are sort of crammed into one area of the island.  Much of the island is undeveloped and wild.  Thankfully that is where we are anchored at the moment.  It is really just us and the goats wandering the hillside.  There are hundreds of goats here, and they are constantly crying.  We got used to the sound though.


We picked Whitehouse Bay as our anchorage, because it was somewhat protected from the wind and because there were only two other boats anchored here.  While it is very remote, with absolutely no amenities (just us and the goats), we have really enjoyed ourselves here.  We swim everyday in the calm waters to shore, snorkel over the sunken ship that has turned into a reef, spy the goats through our binoculars, and we even have watched the monkeys playing on the shore.  Yep! Monkeys!  Apparently St. Kitts and Nevis are full of the little creatures (they are Vervet monkeys- brought over by the French in the 17th century).  The Cajun prefers to keep her distance from the monkeys.


We haven’t been sleeping as well here though, as it is very windy and we are constantly up and checking to make sure our anchor isn’t dragging.  So far, so good!  Our first morning here, we woke up to find a large squid washed up on the boat.  It had inked all over the place- YUCK!  We decided to make the best of it and cut it up into strips and use it as bait to attract larger fish.  Despite our attempts, we still have not landed a fish for dinner L   But, no worries, we are eating well.


You probably have noticed that we have not talked much about the island itself and the cool places we have found- that is because we are not that enthralled with this place.  We love our peaceful anchorage, but our trips to shore have not equaled what we have seen on other islands. 


Tomorrow if the weather holds, we are heading to Statia- for there we have an appointment to climb a dormant volcano.


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