Should we Stay our Should We Go Now….

Pirate in Paradise
Pirate in Paradise


January 13, 2009

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis


Should We Stay or Should We Go Now….

We have completely fallen in love with this island!  We initially planned on only staying only one or two nights, and now we have been here for four and are contemplating staying for a while longer.  Regardless of our decision, we will definitely return here again. 

Columbus discovered this island in 1493 and named it Las Nieves which means “the snowy ones” because the peak of the mountain here looks liked it is covered in snow with the way the puffy white clouds linger over it day in and day out.  It is quite amazing that after all those years, the island still looks like a snow covered mountain- people come and go, but the island itself has remained unchanged.  Las Nieves became Nevis when the English took over.

Unfortunately, Nevis was hit hard by hurricane Omar this past fall.  It caused the Four Seasons Resort to be shut down indefinitely.  This is a major blow to the island, as it was its biggest hotel and employed over 700 workers (nearly one person in every family on this island had a job at the Four Seasons).  Also, being as small as it is, it is not a major cruise ship destination.  But the people here are proud, intelligent and resilient so they will be fine.

On Sunday we swam from the boat to shore (about a half mile swim).  We hung out at Sunshines’s Beach Bar and sipped their potent Killer Bee drinks and watched the NFL game.  We ran into the owners of Straw Hat restaurant (where we dined for New Year’s Eve) from Anguilla.  The bar was taking bets on whether we would swim back after all the Killer Bees we consumed-  we did fine and made it back to the boat  to get ready for dinner.  Our dinner at Montpellier Plantation was incredible.  Five courses of yummy goodness with a bottle of Snowqualmie Cabernet to wash it all down.  We ate under the stars and a full moon in the gardens of a 200+ year old sugar plantation.  On Monday, we hired Barry to take us around the island a bit.  We relaxed beachside at Oaulie Bay, which had a fantastic view of the mountains of St. Kitts and some really comfy hammocks for dozing and reading.  We then went back to Sunshine’s and feasted on some huge lobsters in butter with peas and rice and a fresh salad- and of course more Killer Bee’s.  It was a great day!

Today we are relaxing on the boat.  The pirate is cooking up a big brunch.   We went to the farmers market and stocked up on local grown produce.  The Cajun is still in search of her first catch and is switching baits to determine what those fickle fish like.  Our big decision of the day will be whether we stay a few more days or pick up and head to St. Kitts (4 miles away)… 

One thought on “Should we Stay our Should We Go Now….”

  1. As i sit here getting ready for work anticipating the 17 degree temperature, your stories of travel warm my day. I’m so happy for the two of you and can’t wait to meet the Cajun.

    We are going to Killington next week for a ski break. I have started to get the boat ready for a trip but can’t decide where to go for the summer, Newport or the Chesapeake. Right now we both just miss the bahamas.

    Have a mudslide on us!

    Mike and Sloane

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