Beautiful Nevis
Beautiful Nevis


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis


A Mighty Wind!


We enjoyed our last day in St. Barts by swimming from the boat to the secluded Columbier Beach, walking the beach and swimming back to the boat for a quick lunch.  After lunch we headed to Gustavia to find a sidewalk café (Bar D’oubli) with WiFi to catch up on emails and our blog.  We then walked all the way up a very steep hill to the Hotel Carl Gustaf for a few rounds of drinks and a very impressive view of the harbor.  The Carl Gustaf is one of a handful of small luxury resorts that are rated top in the world.  It is an awesome place, with outrageous prices to match.  We had two rounds of drinks and the bill was $100.  You can check out the Carl Gustaf for yourself at


We awoke before first light on Saturday (5:15 am) and left St. Barts for Nevis.  We sailed the whole way without our motors.  The winds were 30-35 from the North of East and we were able to sustain a speed of 9 knots, sometimes even reaching 10 ½ knots.  The seas were rough but you would never have known it because the boat handled it beautifully, gliding atop the waves.  This mighty wind let us fly to our destination in a much shorter time than we thought we would take (only 7 hours when we planned for 10).  We made it to The Narrows at high noon and the Pirate skillfully navigated our way through this small passage between the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.  The Cajun tried her luck at fishing and again struck out.  The crew is beginning to doubt that she is a real Cajun- what self-respecting Cajun can’t catch a fish J


We made it to our destination of Pinney’s Beach, Nevis at 1:00 pm and were delighted to see that there were mooring balls peppered throughout the area!  We grabbed a prime one close to the beach, right near the Four Seasons Hotel.  We have a beautiful view of the dormant volcano that is the island of Nevis.  This is one of our most beautiful anchorages yet: peaceful and quiet with a beautiful mountain  view and palm tree lined beach with no one on it.    We hit the main town of Charlestown to clear in with immigration and walked around a bit.  This is a very small island (population of 10,000) with incredibly friendly people.  We grabbed lunch at a waterfront café called Unella’s and were happily surprised to see that the prices here were so reasonable compared to St. Barts and Anguilla.  The Pirate had a cheeseburger and fries for only $4! When we returned to the boat, DJ had done a fantastic job getting her cleaned up from a hard day at sea.  We enjoyed guava daiquiri’s on the bow of the boat and watched the sunset.  We then feasted on filet mignon under a beautiful full moon.  


Today is Sunday, a day of rest for all of us.  We will walk the beach and read today and have made reservations for a lovely dinner tonight at the island’s best restaurant- Montpelier Plantation.   Nevis is indeed a hidden gem in the Caribbean- and we may just stay a while longer to discover all of its beauties.


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