Having a Ball while Hooked on a Ball….

Sunset Dinghy Ride
Sunset Dinghy Ride


January 9, 2009

Columbier, St. Barts


Having a Ball while hooked to a Ball…


While we had a few hiccups, we made it to St. Barts yesterday.  Our run of good luck was bound to run out and it did on Wednesday.  First, our rental car wouldn’t start.  Normally that would be a “no problem mon-have another daiquiri” kind of situation.  However, this time we had a trunk full of frozen meat and groceries that would surely spoil in the Anguillan sun if left too long.  Once we coaxed the car to start, we arrived to the boat to find our generator would not start!  Uh oh… no refrigeration, no lights, no blender- we were not happy.  However, our motors still were working, so we high-tailed it to St. Martin where we knew we could get an electrician out to the boat to help solve our generator problem.


On Thursday morning, Dave the Electrician arrived bright and early at 8:30 and replaced our battery and cleaned the corrosion off of our faulty switch. We were back up and running by 10:30 a.m.  and we were on our way to St. Barts by Noon!  It was a beautiful sailing day, with good wind but calm seas.  We tried to catch some fish for dinner, but didn’t get a bite.  We made it to Columbier at 4:00pm and secured a much coveted mooring ball right near the beach.  Everyone is much more relaxed when we are hooked to a mooring ball.  No worries about our anchor dragging or other people’s anchor dragging and boats colliding in the night.  Also, no worries about some boat coming and parking right on top of us- as the mooring balls are set a good distance apart.  So, we love to be hooked to a ball!


We made it to Gustavia to clear in with immigration/customs just before they were closing for the day.  There were tons of mega-yachts in the harbor and lots of ultra-rich people walking around and spending ridiculous amounts of money at the luxury boutiques.  This island is very different than any other- it is not the “flip flop culture” that we are used to.  Here, the women are decked out in designer duds and actually walk around in high heels.  Needless to say- great people watching!  So the Cajun and the Pirate took a stroll to Le Select, ordered a couple of rounds of Ti Punches and snagged a prime outside table to kick back and watch the endless fashion show stroll by.  As we took the dingy back to our lovely niche in Columbier, we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets yet.  C’est la vie!  Laissez les bon temps roule!

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