A Swell Day!

The Swell Rolls In on Meads Bay
The Swell Rolls In on Meads Bay


January 5, 2009

Meads Bay, Anguilla


A Swell Day!

The weekend brought on a powerful swell onto the northern side of the island of Anguilla where we are staying.  The waves pounded and crashed for two days.  Not many people braved the waters as it looked quite dangerous, but it did make for some beautiful pictures and soothing sounds as we relaxed the day away in our villa.  The boat was safe and secure in Road Bay which is more protected that most other areas on the island.  However, we did have the unfortunate experience of having some &%$#@ guy come too close to our boat, drop his anchor and catch it on ours.  As he tried to untangle us from his anchor, he also dug our anchor out of its secure hold and soon we started to drag toward a cliff.  The Pirate acted quickly and repositioned the boat and re-anchored and all has been well since.  It never fails though- with all of the free space an ocean offers, some moron will inevitably want to anchor their boat right on top of ours… 

On Sunday we continued our “most beautiful beach” research and visited the Southern side of the island (to avoid the powerful swell) and camped out at Rendezvous  Beach.  Rendezvous Beach is a 2 mile long beach that overlooks the island of St. Martin.  We spent the day at Bankie Banx Dune Preserve listening to live jazz and island tunes, people watching and walking the beach.  While a gorgeous walking beach, the surf is very rocky so this beach falls somewhat in the ratings scale.  By Sunday evening the swell had subsided and we enjoyed a calm and non-swaying night on the boat. 

Monday was back to work- this time at beautiful Shoal Bay Beach.  This beach has held the distinction of  most beautiful in the world for a couple of years.  It was indeed that.  Miles of powdery white sand and crystal blue water.  Simply too beautiful to put into words, so hopefully the pictures will convey some of that beauty.  After all of the hard work of researching and exploring, we decided to stay in and enjoy some southern home cooking- deep-fried pork chops and mashed potatoes-  and of course more champagne J  Another perfect day in paradise.

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