In Search of the Perfect Beach…

Solitude at Junk's Hole Beach
Solitude at Junk's Hole Beach


Road Bay, Anguilla

January 3, 2009


In Search of the Perfect Beach…


Anguilla, which means Eel, is a long, flat and narrow island shaped somewhat like an “S”.  This topography makes for some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.  Long expanses of sand and deep aqua waters, with no mountains or rock to break the views.  There are 33 beaches on this very small island, one for everyday of the month and then two others to spare!  While we won’t hit all of them on this visit, we are making a valiant effort to hit as many as we can.


On New Year’s Eve, we had a two hour battle with immigration and customs to get cleared in (this is no surprise- the agent was simply two hours late from her lunch break).  We made the best of it by limin’ away the time at a beach shack with some beers chatting up the locals who were getting ready for a beach bash that night.  We spent our evening at Straw Hat restaurant overlooking beautiful Mead’s Bay.  The restaurant was quite subdued until we arrived.  The Pirate decided to make a fashion statement by donning one of the large straw hats used for decoration.  We all followed suit with our own straw hats, and pretty soon the entire restaurant was wearing hats and the restaurant was without its decorations J.  The food was fabulous.  Anguillan crawfish.  Very different from our Louisiana mudbugs.  These were more like mini lobsters but much more flavorful. 


New Year’s Day was spent at Cove Bay Beach.  This was a simply gorgeous beach that was over 3 miles long.  We walked the entire beach, sipped rum punches and daiquiri’s, napped and swam in the shallow and calm waters.   When we worked up our appetite, we went to Smokey’s for some ribs.  A perfect day!


Yesterday we sampled yet another beach, this time Junk’s Hole Beach at the northern tip of the island.  This was the Cajun’s favorite so far- the vista was incredible on an overcast day- so many different shades of color and lots of beautiful surf being kicked up by the wind.  The only place on Junk’s Hole is Nat’s Palm Grove Restaurant.  This place is a hidden gem- a tiny beach shack that spits out some of the best food you will ever eat.  We feasted on BBQ ribs, chicken, whole grilled snapper and spiny lobster with Johnny cakes and French fries.  Awesome!


Today is a new day with a new beach to explore.  So many beaches, so little time.  We may just have to extend our stay J


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