We are in Anguilla!

A view from our villa in Anguilla
A view from our villa in Anguilla


December 30, 2008


We’re in Anguilla!


We finally left our cozy dock in St. Martin and came to Anguilla (which is only 6 miles to the North).  We waited for the winds to die down and the swell to pass before heading over.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and the beaches here are incredible.  The sand is powdery and fine with a hint of pink and the water is an aqua blue that is postcard perfect. 


We took a little break from boat living to stay at the lovely Carimar Resort on Meads Bay Beach.  This is a gorgeous place, very small and quiet, only 24 villas all framed in bougainvillea and with a lovely view of the beach.  Meads Bay Beach is over one mile long so it has been a great for exercising in the morning and sunset strolls in the evening.  Last night we dined at Mango’s Restaurant overlooking Barnes Bay Beach- the setting and the food were awesome.  Fresh whole grilled snapper for the Cajun and Lobster cakes and a fresh scallop, shrimp and snapper pasta dish for the Pirate. 


Things definitely move slower on Anguilla (much slower than St. Martin).  No one is in a hurry here, even the goats on the side of the road seem to be moving in slow motion.  The locals are extremely nice and move to the beat of their own drum.  We went grocery shopping yesterday; all we really needed were milk, eggs, butter and bread- staples you would think.  It took quite a bit of effort to procure them.  The milk comes at 4, but the bread at 3 said the lady at the counter.  “Ok, we will just be back at 4 then” was our response.  Then she says that sometimes it don’t come at all.  We decided to try our luck at another store.  After finally locating the last milk carton in the cooler, we noticed it had been opened and asked the counter lady about it.  Her reply- “Oh yeah chile, I used some of dat one.. .it still good tho”.   You gotta love that!


Some other great news- DJ is back with us!  He arrived back on December 27th after a long trip from Ireland.  We are glad to have him back.  We will be staying in Anguilla for a few days and visiting with Cajun’s family who are here as well.  We will try to post some pictures of the incredible beaches here in the  next few days, although pictures truly can’t capture just how beautiful it is here.


One thought on “We are in Anguilla!”

  1. Pirate and Cajun:

    Thanks so much for the hospitality on December 26 at Gallion Beach. Amie and I had a great time soaking up the sun, enjoying the frozen drinks and observing some of the locals. The first thing Drew talked to his friends about when we returned were some of the unique sights that he will probably never forget. The day on the beach was just what the doctor ordered for Britt. We will keep in touch from snowy Boston as you continue your travels. Take care.

    Bill and Amie

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