Christmas in the Caribbean…

Pirate in a Piece of Paradise
Pirate in a Piece of Paradise


Christmas in the Caribbean…

December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!  The Pirate and I wish all of you and your families a wonderful holiday.


The weather here has been extremely windy- 25-30 knot winds kicking through here for the next couple of days.  We are sure glad we are docked, as it would not be nice to be on anchor right now.  Our friend Kevin, a native islander and a sailor, calls them the Christmas Winds and says that they occasionally blow through the islands during this time of year- but not usually this strong.  Kevin is waiting on a weather window to make his passage to closer to where we are.  We will be staying at the dock for a little longer than we intended as the reports say a 12 foot surge is also moving through here from the Northeast in the next couple of days.


Francois has been visiting us daily to tinker with boat related things and get everything  in tip-top shape before we leave.  He has been an awesome resource.  As he says, “When the captain is happy, the crew is happy”… I couldn’t agree more J  Merci Beaucoup Francois!


We did spend our day at the beach bus and it was glorious indeed!  We started off with the passion fruit daiquiris then switched to mojitos. There was a wonderful breeze, nice tunes,  and an incredible view of course.  After our beach day, we were exhausted from being out in the sun so we ordered a pizza, watched some Monday Night Football (what a game!) and called it a night.


Tomorrow for Christmas, we are going to the far end of this island to Anse Marcel- one of the places we went to when we first met and a special place for us.  There is a nice small beach there with a great bar and bartender. 


Merry Christmas to our families, we miss and love you!



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