The Beauty of Doing Nothing…

Daybreak at Simpson Bay Marina
Daybreak at Simpson Bay Marina


December 22, 2008


The Beauty of Doing Nothing…


The last two days have been wonderfully uneventful.  No more car, so we didn’t wander far J

Each morning we walk to Simpson Bay Beach and do our four mile walk/jog and then go for a reinvigorating swim.  The beach is perfect for jogging since it is so long and the sand is packed hard, also very few people as there are no hotels or bars on it.  Lots of boats out in the calm surf though.  Mostly mega yachts that seem too large to fit through the Simpson Bay Bridge and into the lagoon, there was one that even had a helicopter perched atop of it on its very own helicopter pad… now that is just stupid money.


The pirate did spend the afternoon cleaning up our dinghy; it had a nasty beard of algae and some other unidentifiable growth coming off of it due to being left idle and in the water for a month.  It was a disgusting job, but once completed we celebrated with a pitcher of frozen peach margaritas. 


Other than that, we have mostly been people watching at the dock or reading.  Our spot at the dock is right near the entrance (about five boats away from the gate) so everyone has to walk by to enter or exit- it is a constant parade of characters, an endless supply of entertainment.  We’ve seen numerous dogs, mostly the little yappy kinds you would expect to reside on a mega yacht, we see lots of young people who are crewing on the yachts, and some charter sail clients.  We giggle at the fashion disasters, the people who stumble back at 7 in the a.m after a night of partying, the loud people, etc.  We have made up names for the regulars we see every day multiple times…   


Today we are running errands in the dinghy and then heading back to Simpson Bay Beach, this time to relax and not exercise.  Each morning we jog past this cute little school bus at the far, far end of the beach that has been turned into a daiquiri stand and bar with a handful of lounge chairs in front.  No one is ever there, but their special drinks written on a chalkboard in the sand always sound so yummy and refreshing- especially since usually we are huffing and puffing by the place as that is the 2 mile marker of our trek.   I have been craving their frozen lychee-passionfriuit daiquiri and the Pirate has his eye on their frozen mango mojito.   Don’t’ you just love Monday’s ?J

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