We’re BAAACK!!!


Beaucoup Lines on our Mast
Beaucoup Lines on our Mast



Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten

December 17, 2008


We’re Baaack!!!


We made it back to Sint Maarten yesterday afternoon.  All flights were on time and we even had the entire row to ourselves on both legs.. .you can’t beat that.  We did have an encounter with a really nasty immigration agent- there was no winning her over with smiles and niceties,  she simply had a case of the grumpies.  Traffic getting to the marina was crazy- 30 minutes to go 2 miles!   Also, the Dutch side of the island was without power as the fuel boat did not show up to deliver fuel to the island that day.. they must have been on island time too. 


We got to the boat and were extremely happy with how nice DJ left it for us.  (Thanks DJ!- looking forward to seeing you next week).  After unpacking, we went to our marina watering hole- Jimbo’s- for a pitcher of Margaritas and some fajitas.  All by candlelight (tres romantique!), as there was still no power.  The fuel barge finally did make it to its destination later in the evening and power was restored.  Cheers were heard throughout Simpson Bay Marina!


This morning we exercised and went for a 4 mile jog on the beach and then did our normal boat chores. The Pirate washed the boat and the Cajun fixed the float switch on the bilge pump (as Pirate couldn’t fit down  the hole).  We are now relaxing.    The Marina is pretty busy, but there are still lots of slips that are vacant which is unusual for high season.  The island is definitely feeling the effects of the economy as several people have mentioned to us.   Our new neighbor (occupying the slip next to us) is actually the author of one of the Pirate’s favorite sailing books.  Should we have any problems, we can just ask the guy who wrote the book on sailing!


Tonight is “all you can eat” baby back rib night at this restaurant/bar that’s a coconut’s throw from our marina- so that is where we will be.  Tomorrow we are heading to Orient Bay Beach to people watch and relax- will try to take some PG-rated pics for the blog, but that might be difficult J


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