Snow Falls in the Big Easy
Snow Falls in the Big Easy

December 11, 2008
New Orleans, LA

It is snowing in New Orleans! It’s definitely not something that happens very often and because of that, the entire city goes bananas for the day. Schools close, cars drive into ditches, people break out their camcorders and flock to the streets, families bring their dogs to the neutral ground to snap their pics as they frolic about, and the news channels cancel regularly scheduled programs so that they can extend their airtime and talk incessantly about the snow. All this mind you, for one inch of the white stuff. But, it is pretty cool- absolutely looks like Christmas outside. And the best part- the Pirate and I have been inside snug as bugs in a rug all day!
Our last 24 hours was not without its share of drama though. We are in the final stretch towards departure to the islands. We have been frantically busy tying up loose ends so that we can leave next week. One big item on our agenda was shipping the Boxer to Boston which he will be calling home for the next few months (THANKS Mark , Linda and Kaitlyn!). We have never shipped a dog before and have learned that there is much more to it than just showing up at the airport and waving goodbye as your pooch glides away on the conveyor belt. There is literally a 20 item/2 page check-list of stuff before the airlines will fly your pet into the friendly skies.
Our D-day to ship the Boxer was this morning. Last night the Pirate and I went to pick up a truck (thanks Paula!) to transport said dog and crate to airport. When we arrived back home, we discovered that the Boxer had eaten an entire bag of Hersey’s Kisses that had just arrived that day as a gift! There was no trace evidence left at the scene- he ate the wrappers, the chocolate and most of the plastic bag they came in. He did have a chocolate smudge on his paw and a chocolate smell oozing out of his pores. Only 10 hours until his first plane flight to meet his new family… and he ingests an entire bag of chocolate. We braced for the worst (I don’t need to go into detail here..), but fortunately he was ok. Even better, the “snow storm” this morning canceled his flight and he is rebooked for tomorrow. So now he has more time to “digest” the kisses, which unbeknownst to his new family is a VERY good thing.
The Pirate has been watching westerns on the tube. The Cajun has been surfing the net and monitoring the Boxer.. All is well as we count down to island time. The Pirate says… “if it is snowing in New Orleans, it is time for us to go South!”


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