Election Day and we are NOT in line….

Cajun Goes to Marigot!
Cajun Goes to Marigot!



November 4, 2008,

Simpson Bay Marina, St. Martin

It’s a beautiful morning here.  We had a really good rain last night to cool things off (which also meant we turned on the AC last night in the boat- J ).  Did I mention, I LOVE having AC…

Yesterday we took the dingy over to Marigot on the French side of the island.  Very different atmosphere than the Dutch side and about 3x more expensive.  It’s full of high-end shops and cute little French bistros with people sitting outside.   We selected a French bistro called Le Belle Epoque and had a delicious meal.  Moules and pomme frites in a white wine sauce and a fresh goat cheese, tomato and olive pizza- thin and crispy.  C’est Magnifique!  While we dined, the electricity went out in most of Marigot- but no worries- the stove was gas!  We strolled the streets and window shopped and made our way back to the dingy. 

When we returned DJ had the boat looking spotless.  He gave her a complete washing and she was shiny and white.  We lounged around for a few hours and then cooked an o-so American dinner- hot dogs with all the fixins’ followed by brownies.  We were all in bed by 9.

Today is Election Day. The Pirate and I cast early votes so no more waiting in lines for us.  We may watch the returns on TV tonight.  We catch a couple of American channels and BBC which should be covering it.  We unfortunately leave tomorrow morning to go back home.  But the bright side is, it is just temporary- we will be back in December for our 8 month voyage.   In the meantime, DJ will stay here and keep the boat clean and to our liking. 

Over the next month, we will be charting our course through the Caribbean and making plans for the wonderful ports of call we will be visiting. 

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