Another Day in Paradise…

Pirate poses in pool
Hamming it up in the sun



Hamming it up in the sun


sailing along side a sloop





November 3, 2008

Simpson Bay Yacht Club, St. Maarten


We sailed right into the Simpson Bay Yacht Club on Friday, October 31 to fuel up and dock the boat for the next couple of months.  The Pirate maneuvered this 50×26.5 foot beam boat into a 28 foot wide slip in a strong current- very impressive.  We are now snug as a bug in a rug in our new dock spot.  The Yacht Club is getting busier by the day, now that hurricane season has officially ended- people are arriving daily to come back to their boats for high season.  Lots of people busying themselves with cleaning, provisioning, and of course- repairs to their boats J 

The Pirate and I had a great Halloween night.  We celebrated in our full Pirate regalia at the Soggy Dollar Bar (not the same as the BVI one).  Lots of great costumes.  As the night wore on, the place became too crowded to be comfortable, so we took our dingy on home.

Saturday was an errand day for us.  We were on a mission to find a list of boat supplies, most importantly- for the Cajun that is-, a toaster and a coffee maker.  We took the dingy over to Budget Marine and found a few items, but they told us to check out Ace Hardware right around the corner.  Unbeknownst to us, “right around the corner” in Caribbean-speak actually means “over the hills, and through the woods, past the chicken coops, etc”.  We made our one-mile plus uphill trek and found the Ace Hardware store in all its glory.  This was a Mega-Ace store, two-stories of air-conditioned goodness.  We found EVERYTHING we needed, which was awesome, except for one thing- we had to do the Bataan death march back to the dingy with all our swag.  At least it was all downhill.

Sunday was a glorious day of rest.  We began our day with the Pirate’s famous Banana pancakes and lots of bacon.  After some lounging around and reading, we took the dingy to the Simpson Bay Beach.  This was a gorgeous beach about a mile long with few people (as there are only a couple of small hotels on it).  We walked and swam and walked and swam.  When we got back we decided to check out our Yacht Club’s pool – it felt awesome to wash off the salt and relax.  We returned to the boat for Mudslides!  Somehow we went through three pitchers of Mudslides, two movies and managed to cook two racks of baby back ribs.  They were delicious and we all went to bed fat and happy.

It’s Monday morning and the Pirate is in the galley fixing French Toast.  Our mate is swabbing the deck- he shall be referred to as DJ from now on, finally earning his GumboPirate stripes and nickname..  DJ you ask?  It is short for Davy Jones- the mythical sea devil who lives on the ocean floor, and Disc Jockey- someone who spins our tunes and keeps us bopping along to the beat of life aboard our Boat!

Gotta go- breakfast time!


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