We are back in the Islands!!

Arriving to a Clean Boat is Always Nice...
Arriving to a Clean Boat is Always Nice...

Village Cay Marina, Tortolla, BVI


We arrived yesterday at around 5:30 pm, after a long day of planes, taxi’s, customs, ferries, etc.   The boat was in fabulous shape.  The Pirate’s crew has been working feverishly over the last couple of months to get it ready for our return, and it is in better shape than when we left it.  We are spending today at the dock doing last minute repairs, cleaning and provisioning.  Lot’s of running around to do before we can kick back and relax. 

Our plan is to head out of here tomorrow and got to Willie T’s and perhaps Bitter End Yacht Club on Monday.  Of course, it all depends on the weather- which we are watching closely. 

We have hired a crew member to accompany us on our voyage, he is a young man from Ireland and is very knowledgable about boats and sailing.  We don’t know him will enough to give him a nickname yet, but I am sure one will be coming soon J

The dock is pretty quiet- perhaps due to a combination of the uncertainties of the economy and not quite being out of hurricane season yet.  Quiet is a good thing though- especially when boats are docked closely together…

The weather is just what you would expect of the islands- warm and sunny with an occasional downpour to cool things off. 

The Cajun is starting to feel the stress melt away..  The Pirate is too busy with boat chores to begin relaxing.  It is not cocktail time yet, but it is fast approaching.  Our major decision of the day:  Mudslides or Painkillers… It’s a hard-knock life for us.

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